Central Park Prison

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People often discuss the treatment of New York’s carriage horses as being cruel and inhuman which has been refuted by authoritative and political personal. The argument being that NYSVMS (New York State Veterinary Medical Society) ensures that all animals throughout New York State are treated humanly.

Regulations have been put in place to ensure the ‘humane’ treatment of the carriage horses such as limiting there hours of work to nine per day… Nine hours of pulling a heavy cart around Central Park at a pace which is less than leisurely. Not to mention the hard surface in which they have to move around on with their poorly shod feet!

Five weeks holiday a year does not excuse this ill treatment of such beautiful animals. More needs to be put in place to ensure they are cared for in the way they deserve if not put a stop to altogether.

The NYSVMS regulations state that carriage horses must live in box stalls large enough to turn around and lie down comfortably. This is an improvement but, if  we are to use animals as labour baring we owe it to them to give them a comfortable existence.

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